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Autoweld can provide you with the stud welding equipment to fire studs from M3 threaded stud to a 25 mm diameter Shear connector.

There are literally hnudreds of applications where a threaded stud or internally threaded fastener or weld pin are required in the following industries:

  • Domestic Appliance Manufacturers
  • Motor Vehicle Manufacturers & Repair
  • Construction Industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • General Fabrication
  • Slectrical & Electronic Industries
  • Aircraft Manufacture
  • Chemical Plant & Boiler Manufacture

Capacitor discharge stud welding with
  1. The capacitors are charged
  2. The CD - stud in the gun is moved by a spring to the workpiece surface
  3. The tip touches the workpiece and closes the electrical circuit. The rapidly increasing current melts the tip instantly and ignites the arc
  4. Stud and workpiece surface melt
  5. When the stud touches the workpiece, the arc extinguishes, the welding pool merge and solidify

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